Rules of the Game, the Tax Act!

What an awesome anecdote form Tim Cestnick. 


"When you understand the rules of the game, you can make them work to your advantage.

I think of Roger Neilson, former National Hockey League coach, who also coached the Peterborough Petes when my brother-in-law played for the team years ago. Mr. Neilson knew the rules of the game better than anyone. On one occasion, when the opposition was awarded a penalty shot, he pulled his goalie and put a defenceman in net. When the opposing player picked up the puck at centre ice, the defenceman came rushing out of the net and hit the confused shooter. No goal. Hey, there was nothing in the rules to stop this type of tactic. Well, not at that time. The rulebook has since been changed. Mr. Neilson was probably responsible for more changes to the rulebook than any single coach.

Things are no different in tax planning. If you know the rules, you can use them to your advantage."


Another reason to have professionals on your side!